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Oneyogo is a probiotic yoghurt produced under the strictest of hygienic conditions and fully certified by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana with certification number FDA/DA 15-29  for your reference. 

Our product comes in two(2) brand flavours , the Oneyogo Strawberry and oneyogo vanilla both flavours comes with or without wheat and very low sugar content, we have recently introduced the ONEYOGO SUGAR FREE which also comes with or without wheat, we also have the ONEYOGO Natural or Laban as well as the Labneh  this makes oneyogo suitable for each member of the family. 

Packaged in 330ml and two litres for all the flavours in an air tight sealed but easy to open bottles and Gallons, Our Laban and Labneh also comes in 500 ml and 1kg containers, Oneyogo is refreshing to consume as it is portable to handle and has an on shelf life of 45 days. 

We pride ourselves with producing the best healthy minded and still very enjoyable product at the lowest price possible.


“It’s a Family Affair”. 

Because we see all our customers and consumers as family. 


Our mission is to create the finest quality natural yogurt product with a commitment to incorporating the freshest and richest ingredients into a world class product; To meet the highest standards of excellence with superb delivery service and product offerings in a friendly, soothing and hygienic environment to improve people’s quality of life. 


To continually develop healthy recipes that will help our customers, attract good numbers of retailers and help grow their businesses. 

Educate our consumers to experience our beverages as a HEALTHY SNACK and not just a snack.


1. Supports healthy digestion                                                                                        

2. Reduces bad cholesterol                                                                                                

3. Boost Immune system                                                                                                  

4. Lowers the risk of type 2 Diabetes                                                                                              

5. Reduce High Blood Pressure

6. Helps in the development of brains in children.